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Our jewelry workshop specializes in the widest range of jewelry services in Minsk. Experienced jewelers can easily help you with the repair and restoration of jewelry, cleaning and polishing of products, as well as the production of gold and silver products according to the sample, and with many other problems.

Advantages of the jewelry workshop "Jstudio"

Product catalog of 2600 models

You will find exactly your piece of jewelry in the catalog. And even if you didn’t manage to choose nothing, use the product as a basis and add your own ideas to it.

Jewelry repair

Urgent jewelry repair takes from 5 to 30 minutes. There are cases that require special attention – and these types of repairs can take more than one working day (for example, the restoration of jewelry).

Jewelry making

Making jewelry is possible according to samples, photos and sketches. Also with the help of a designer and according to your imagination. The service is available at all points of the Jstudio jewelry workshop.

Sections of the jewelry catalog to order

Making non-standard and exclusive jewelry to order is the hallmark of the jewelry workshop “Jay Studio” in Minsk. Our craftsmen can easily bring to life products from photographs, pictures, drawings, etc. They can add any design solution, help create a sketch and develop a 3D model of the future decoration.

We are sure that such products will bring joy for a long time, and the exclusivity of such jewelry will only emphasize your individuality.

In addition, many will be pleasantly surprised by the prices for manufacturing products. Consultation in the workshop and calculation of the cost of the order can be obtained in any convenient way: call, Viber, Telegram, Online chat, request via the form on the site.

Engagement rings

The cost of the product depends on the complexity of its modeling and manufacturing. Please note that the workshop only works with the material of the customer (gold or silver).

Jewellery making in Minsk is the most suitable for people who have accumulated old gold or silver jewelry or incomplete items (mainly for earrings), as well as non-repairable, worn items.

But if you don’t have or don’t have enough metal, you can always buy it in the form of measured ingots (1 g, 5 g, 10 g, and so on) in Belarusian banks. By the way, you can also buy gems there.

Our jewelry making

After agreeing on the details and providing the metal, you can entrust the entire further process of creating exclusive jewelry to the experienced craftsmen of the Jay Studio jewelry workshop. They treat each product with special trepidation. This is confirmed by numerous rave reviews on our website and in other services (Relax. by, Google Maps, Yandex Directory,Instagrametc. d.).

But it is better to see once than hear a hundred times! Below are just a few examples of custom-made jewelry from our JStudio workshop, which are delighting their owners right now.

Wedding rings

3 addresses of workshops in Minsk

Jewelry workshop in Minsk Jstudio is the highest workmanship, affordable prices and quality assurance. For your convenience, our jewelry workshops are located in different districts of Minsk

Jewelry workshop in Uruchcha

Jewelry workshop in Malinovka

Jewelry workshop in the Center (Komarovka)

Jewellery repair and decoration Jewelry Making Order you can order to any of the above addresses.< /span>